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Speed Blogging – The World’s Fastest Speed Blogging Extension for Chrome!

Chris Record just released one of my favorite products for 2015. This product takes blogging to new heights. Blog up to 10x faster with this powerful new Chrome Extension. If you manage a handful to a hundred or more blogs, this tool allows you to cut the time it takes you to add content to your blog by a fraction of the time. All from one central location.

Click Here to watch a Demo of the Software in Action!

This is perfect for Social Media Managers who manage small business clients. With this tool you can generate fresh content on a blog in minutes that then can be shared on your client’s social media properties like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. If before you had someone else doing this for you now you can cut costs by spending an hour a day taking care of this time consuming task. Prepare your posts and schedule them topublish on future dates.

Some of the best features include:

  • Instantly embed any Youtube video to your blog without ever logging into WordPress
  • Instantly embed any Pinterest image to your blog without ever logging into WordPress
  • Instantly embed any Facebook status update to your blog without ever logging into WordPress
  • Right click any image on the web and instantly embed it into a blog post within seconds
  • Instantly take a screenshot of any web page and automatically embed it into a blog post
  • Create viral list posts and top 10 posts in just minutes to get massive amounts of traffic
  • Build out niche-blogs in any topic in just minutes per day with scheduled speed blog posts
  • Break trending news stories instantly to get thousands of website visitors overnight
  • Works perfectly with Kalatu Blogs, WordPress blogs and Smart Member Sites

The best part… You can try it out for 7-days for just $1.00.

FEATURED IMAGE CREATOR – Aside from all these features listed above you can also create featured images for your posts from any image on the web. The tool automatically crops any image. You can also add text to the featured image like for example the title of the post. The text editor allows you to modify the font size, font color and even comes with a grid that allows you to size the text area. So now you can create Facebook friendly featured-images in seconds that follow the FB 20% text rule! Facebook has specific dimensions that they require for your featured images and thumbnails when your posts get shared. Use the built-in bonus add-on to auto-create perfectly sized Facebook ready thumbnails in just seconds, no graphic experience needed!

Another favorite feature is the SEO scoring system. Know your SEO score of each blog post before you ever hit publish! Simply enter your primary keyword focus and we will let you know what’s needed to get a 100% score before you publish your post, to help you rank higher in Google!

This product comes with a nice bonus: Bridge Pages
This software is a complete game-changer. With Bridge Pages, you can build unlimited lead pages: Lead Capture Pages, Sales Pages, Bonus Pages. Anything you can think of! And build them in just minutes. But that’s just the beginning. You can build unlimited versions of each page. You can swap out: Headlines, Taglines, Videos, Calls to Action, Backgrounds. You name it! Bridge Pages will revolutionize your business.

 Click Here to watch a Demo of the Software in Action!